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DANCE POWER - 2nd Printing -
Note from Skippy - June 4, 2012 - Just off the press.  If you don't have a copy of Dance Power, you are missing out on a fantastic resource.  Recently, a visiting dancer read my only remaining copy of Dance Power and wanted to purchase it.  It was my LAST copy and I said - "No Sale."  He offered me $50 - Still NO - Then he offered me $100.  Still "NO", but as soon as he left, I read the book.  THAT is why we just ordered the 2nd printing. I was fascinated with finding some Articles that are not available anywhere else.  Particularly great for anyone seriously interested in the Universal Unit System(R), and/or West Coast Swing. It's only $40 and you will love it.

Note from Skippy - June 4, 2012 - Do you have trouble Counting Music? Are you a Teacher who has students who have trouble counting music? I had removed my Generic Music disc because the sound was a bit Country.  I have since talked to many people who felt that this disc was the answer to a Level 1 learning tool.  You'll find: COUNTING 8's - Phrasing - Learning the difference between a Theme and a Bridge - Rolling Count - And even words to "Western Electric" and to "Dance in a Line" - Along with uncomplicated music in 3 different tempos - And, YES, I did write the music - and, YES, the vocalist is ME! HA!  It's only $15 and it's "One of a Kind".  HA!


Generic Music in 3 Tempos $15
In an effort to preserve the fundamental characteristics of West Coast Swing, the World Swing Dance Council has sanctioned 14 BASIC PATTERNS which authentically represent the essence of West Coast Swing.  This is a non-profit effort of GSDTA. Cost: $20.00 - CA buyers please add $1.95 tax.  In an effort to "Spread the Word" - Anyone may purchase 10 of the "West Coast 101" CDs for only $100.
                                                         West Coast 101 DVD
2 separate DVDs - Over 2 HOURS of Skippy, teaching. Josh Clark & Sarah Grusmark do a marvelous job on the demos. Skippy details the Leader's part, Follower's part, & the professional techniques that make each pattern work. It is these special techniques that make the GSDTA curriculum so valuable.
Cost is only $49.95 - CA buyers, please add $4.87 tax.
TIMING & PHRASING DVD - (1-Hour) Skippy takes you through a wealth of information on the various Dance Rhythms that exist.  It is fascinating that EVERY rhythm in EVERY dance, can be used in West Coast Swing. This DVD also Includes valuable material on the "Sheet Music for Dancers".  Cost:  $40.00 - CA buyers please add $3.90 tax.
CONNECTION & TECHNIQUE I - For West Coast Swing  is a compilation of 15 different teachers, (including Skippy) with interviews and varying points of view on connection & technique. Not all Teachers are GSDTA, but this interesting mix, directed by Doug Silton, has a wide variety of excellent ideas and teachers.  Cost $40 - CA Buyers add $3.90

CONNECTION & TECHNIQUE II - More great information.
Cost: $40 - CA buyers please add $3.90 tax.

KONA NOTEBOOK DVD - The 2011 Kona Intensive brought together GSDTA Teachers Jordan & Tatiana, Sharlot & Mark and Professor Sarah Grusmark -- This DVD    all of Skippy Blair's Universal Unit System!  Cost: $40 - CA buyers please add $3.90 tax.

DISCO to TANGO and BACK - 2nd printing of the original Dance Text Book
(Currently out of stock) Plans for 3rd printing Dec 2012 or Jan. There are a few of the original books for collectors (We recently found two cases of Skippy's original 1978 book).  Used, original copies were selling on Amazon.com - as a collector's item - for well over $100.  We are selling the uncirculated originals for $50.  The 2nd Printing is out of stock and the 3rd printing is not available until December or January 2013. 

BOOK: Disco To Tango                                                 

CRIB SHEET- A 16-page booklet that is a STUDY GUIDE for information that every teacher and every serious dancer should know.  It also covers the main facts that people need to know who are planning on taking the Preliminary Exam. 
Cost: $15. CA buyers please add $1.46 tax.

UNIT CARDS - Complete Set - Latest Version - Complete with Numbered cards that go behind the Rhythm Cards. Brand new, beautiful Unit Cards with appropriate DOTS for Rolling Count.  Each Card has the name of the Rhythm in the upper Left hand border. Bottom left hand border states either "Even" or "ODD" Rhythm.

The SET consists of 32 distinctly different rhythms (that's 26, 4/4 time Unit Cards - and 6, 3/4 time Unit Cards (there are two sets of all the Basic Rhythms), PLUS the Rolling Count Cards that sit behind the Rhythm Cards.  In addition, there are two Double-side Charts that show every unit available, plus how to "Call" each Rhythm, eg. "&a Step & Step-Step.

Reactions have been phenomenal.  We have never had such a fantastic Teaching Program as the new Units allow. 
Cost: $59.95 for the complete set.  CA buyers please add $4.87 tax

SHIM SHAM DVD - This one hour DVD has become known for it's clarity of teaching the SHIM SHAM in only one hour.  A complete, one hour class of people actually learning the Shim Sham, facing four different walls. Although it was taped at the 1990 Jack & Jill O'Rama, it was made specifically as an instructional piece, by Thumbs Up Video.   Skippy personally wants the whole swing world to learn the Shim Sham and so is offering this historical information for only $40. 
Shim Sham DVD - Cost: $40 - CA buyers please add $3.90 tax.

The SHIM SHAM Written Notes - 23 pages of detailed information about the Shim Sham, which includes several different breakdowns, and techniques that are seldom included in classes. The booklet provides a wealth of information that is not available anywhere else. The SHIM SHAM Booklet contains:  
#1.   Historical background of the Shim Sham
#2.  Technique points on specific moves  
#3.  Basic Annotation of the Universal Unit System(R)  
#4.  The complete Shim Sham routine, including Shim Sham & Break, Pushes, Tacky Annie & Break, Shuffles and Breaks, Freeze Breaks, Boogie Backs,  Camel Walks and you can even learn how to do the Shorty George.
Cost: $15. CA buyers please add $1.46 tax.
NEW!! From the Collector’s Series:

                   Skippy’s PIECES OF

West Coast Swing: Beginner/Int. Level Contains 15 Patterns & features Dance Champions Lance Shermoen, Sharlot Bott, Jack & Annie Hirsch, & Larry Kern 
Cost $35 - CA Buyers add $3.41 tax

West Coast Swing: Int./Advanced Level10 Intermediate patterns & features Wayne & Sharlot Bott, Carlito Rofoli, Jack Carey, Annie Hirsch & Larry Kern 
Cost $35 - CA Buyers add $3.41 tax

Bandstand Cha-Cha - Skippy Blair w/Larry Kern - Basic “Couples” Patterns, “always break on two”
Cost $35 - CA Buyers add $3.41 tax

13 Social Dances Made Easy - Using the Universal Unit System, Skippy shows the Basic Rhythm Pattern of 13 different Dances.
Cost $35 - CA Buyers add $3.41 tax

Jump Swing AKA “Retro Swing” -                     
Cost $35 - CA Buyers add $3.41 tax

                                                                                                        Skippy's "Pieces of Gold" Series